Have questions about building, maintaining or just owning a pool? We’ve assembled some questions below to help you know what to expect.


1. How does the construction process work?

First, I will work with you to finalize the design, add-on options, decking and other details. Once all details are finalized, we will begin.

2. How long will it take to install our pool?

An average installation time is about three weeks on in-ground pools and 2 days on above grounds. This will depend on the extent of the project. Weather can also affect the speed of the job. Spring installations can be extremely wet and therefore challenging. Unforeseen circumstances can exist beneath the ground, such as a high ground water table and utilities.

3. What kind of damage can I expect to see in my yard?

Installing a pool is major surgery, and much more for in-ground pools. While we do the best we can to minimize damage, you must be prepared for reality. Many large trucks will be in and out of your yard during the build process, such as concrete trucks, dump trucks, etc. These vehicles cannot travel over the ground without creating ruts. Again, the weather conditions will play a major role as well. This may affect your decision as to what time of year to build. For example, spring means wet which means possible high damage , late summer/fall usually means dry firm ground and therefore minimal damage.

4. Is yard repair included as part of the package?

Yes, we include a rough grade with the pool package. This means we will get the ground into a condition that will allow you or a landscaper a good start on seeding the yard. We do provide a sod/seeding service through a landscaper if desired.


5. How much time will it take to maintain a pool?

Realistically, just minutes a day. With technology on our side, what was once a time consuming task, is now very simple. With automatic pool cleaners and chlorine generators, and improved filter systems, maintaining a pool can be simple and easy. Though time is spent opening and closing the pool, 1 day in the spring and 1 in the fall, this will be minor compared to the time spent enjoying the pool. I tell people, you will spend about the same amount of time on your pool as you would mowing a typical yard.

6. If we need to take a trip, do I need a babysitter for my pool?

No. As long as some very basic things are done beforehand, the pool will be just fine by itself. Our basic pool package contains things such as low maintenance filtration and automatic chlorination, which can potentially allow you to be gone for weeks.

Additional Information

7. How much will a pool affect my utilities?

Some increase in electricity usage is to be expected. Exaclty how much is difficult to determine, as it varies from place to place. However, it is standard procedure for the pump to the pool to wire 220 volts. This lowers the required amps and therefore minimizes cost.

A gas heater will also increase gas usage, which again varies by not only area but also by usage.

8. Is a heater a good idea?

In our opinion, yes. A pool heater has the ability to extend the use of a pool two, even three months longer.

9. Should I get a safety cover? (in-ground pool)

In our opinion yes. It is much safer to purchase a safety cover versus a basic one, especially if you have kids, as the safety cover will prevent anyone from falling in. You can actually walk across the safety cover and hardly get wet, whereas a regular cover could possibly trap a person under water if they were to fall on it. An added bonus is that a safety cover promises to be much more eye appealing than a tarp cover.


10. How much is a pool going to cost?

There are again many variables to this answer, but below is provided a guideline. The following is a list of the most common pool sizes and estimated prices.


• 14 x 28 $17,000 and up
• 16 x 32 $19,000 and up
• 18 x 36 $23,000 and up
• 20 x 40 $25,500 and up

Above Ground

Refer to the Above Ground

11. So what is all included in this price?

Refer back to the In-Ground page.


12. Will I need to get the permits?

No. The permits are done by us.

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